Industrial Blade Company Inc.

Industrial Blade Company manufactures a wide variety of custom Machine Knives, Wood Cutting Blades, Toothed Knives and “Premium” Steel Rule Dies. We manufacture these products for the Plastics, Paper, Recycling, Wood Tool, Packaging and Plastic Bag Industries.

Our product range is large because over the years our customers have asked us to supply each of these industrial cutting products. As a result, IBC has become the unique industrial blademanufacturer that we are today. We have the expertise, skills, technology and machinery to manufacture this wide variety of knives, blades and dies - cost effectively and with exacting tolerances - repeatedly.

The quality of IBC packaging and toothed knife products will rival any European or American products - for less money, with better service and quicker delivery. Solid tool steel and brass fitted knives for heat sealing applications are also available. See our Packaging and Toothed Knife Section

Our manufacturing facility in Toronto, Ontario is equipped with state of the art PLC and CNC machinery and equipment, operated by highly skilled Machinists and Die Makers. IBC is unique in Canada and is a great resource to any company requiring any, some or, all of the cutting products we manufacture. While our competitors are either a Machine Knife or, Steel Rule Die Manufacturer - IBC is the only company in Ontario that is fully equipped and staffed to manufacture both! As a supplier, we offer a one-stop-shop and increased accountability for all of your industrial blade and steel rule die requirements.

We have become a truly innovative company that can produce high quality production quantity Knives, Blades and Dies - repeatedly! We are our customers’ “Ace in the hole”. We even sell products and services for resale by 6 of our own suppliers - repeatedly.

We also provide a 100% Guarantee for any and all products you purchase from IBC.

We Guarantee the quality of all our products. If any of our products do not conform to the approved drawings and tolerances, or, OEM samples provided by the customer, we will accept them as returns with no charge or, replace them if requested.


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