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President’s Message

As the President, I measure the success of my team and my company by the repeat orders received. Our customers are successful companies who rely on our products to produce their products. According to their feedback and repeat orders, IBC steel knives and steel rule dies have made a significant contribution toward improving their production and/or reducing their production costs.

In addition, IBC wood cutting tools have been described by industry experts and our customers as “the finest quality available”.

A Success Story

One of our customers tested our wood base bag handle steel rule dies in 1997, in addition to the machine knives that we were manufacturing for them. Our steel rule dies lasted 20% longer than our competition and we became the new die supplier. Within one year IBC developed “Premium Quality” steel rule dies” which performed so well that the cost for these items was further reduced by 40% per year - every year! This resulted in a long term exclusive supplier contract for IBC to supply these steel rule die products. We have already completed the 2nd multi year contract and I have signed a third multi year contract, demonstrating once again, that our focus is on repeat orders.

A Second Success Story

In 1999, we manufactured some sample blades for a new product line being developed by a leading wood tool reseller. By 2007 we were manufacturing high volumes of over 100 different wood tool blades for them. Many applications for these wood blade products demand that the cutting edge be razor sharp and have a 0.030" wide uniform micro bevel across the cutting edge as shown.

All of our wood cutting blades are now resold worldwide in retail stores, catalogues and on the internet. Hand planes equipped with blades contracted to IBC have won "Tool of the Year" awards. These and other product reviews generated more sales for our customers which, in turn, increased the quantities they ordered from IBC every year. We are now recognized as a world class blade manufacturer.

Our customers have steadily increased the number of products they each purchase from my company. This, coupled with the repeat orders received, is solid evidence that their needs are consistently satisfied with products manufactured and services provided by Industrial Blade Company.

Our strength is producing low cost, high quality parts with a passion for consistency in our production processes. Because we are only as good as our last order shipped, I also provide a 100% Guarantee for any and all products purchased from my company.

I Guarantee the quality of all IBC products. If any IBC product does not conform to the approved drawings and tolerances, or, OEM samples provided by the customer, I will accept them as returns with no charge or, replace them if requested.

Brian Rabinovitch

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