IBC Machine Knives for Plastics

All of our Plastics Machine Knife Products are custom made to your specifications and machinery. We can manufacture any OEM model knife for any plastics processing machinery - from large guillotine knives and initial reducing knives to grinder knives to final product pelletizing knives.

Simply contact us or, provide us with a part drawing by e-mail, fax, or mail and we will guarantee that your company’s needs are met! We can also provide you with engineering assistance for new or modified machine knife designs and AISI steel material recommendations for your particular application(s). Our knowledge of steel and experience with various cutting applications and plastics has helped each of our customers improve their production output and minimize their downtime. One of our goals is to reduce the high cost of downtime caused by the need for machine knife change overs. Our machine knives last longer and you will lower your annual knife costs.

The following list is meant only as an outline of the various parts that we currently manufacture. We can manufacture any type of knife/blade up to 160" long x 25" wide x 8" thick. Our precision grinding machinery and expertise will provide you with the industrial blades and sharpening service that your company needs in order to produce your products.

  • Guillotine Knives
  • Shear Blades
  • Scissor Knives
  • Grinder Knives
  • Pelletizer Knives
  • SIG Knives
  • Densifier Knives
  • Shredder Knives
  • Any OEM or competitor product
  • Custom Design Knives

The rising cost of steel coupled with increasing competition are two of the realities in the machine knife business. Despite this, our pricing has remained stable to each of our customers since we began in 1996. We have been able to accomplish this by continuously improving and streamlining our manufacturing process. We currently have 5 large precision grinding production lines totalling 660" of simultaneous precision grinding capacity for large production runs and high volume sharpening (175" max per line). In addition, we also have multi axis customized precision grinding machinery for speciality knives, indexed toothed knives and concave or, convex bevelled blades.

IBC’s facility can produce cost effective, high quality machine knives repeatedly and the extra services that we provide to loyal customers, at no extra cost, are second to none.

Machine Knife Sharpening and Repair

IBC provides machine knife repair and sharpening services to all of our customers. We also arrange for pick up and delivery right to your door. This service provides us with an opportunity to extend the life cycle of your knives by ensuring the minimum removal necessary to maximize the life of our products. We have saved our customers substantial amounts of money over the years by ensuring that everything is done to repair their knives before we have to replace them. Your annual cost for these knives and ultimately your production costs will be reduced with IBC products and sharpening service.

Our approach is simple: reducing your annual costs and providing better service will result in repeat orders!


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