IBC 'Premium' Steel Rule Dies

Why are IBC Steel Rule Dies Premium? Our manufacturing philosophy is to incorporate the latest technologies available to improve the life of our products and outperform our competition. Our ‘Premium’ steel rule dies are a result of that approach. While the steel rule die industry has been around for decades, most steel rule die companies have not kept pace with new technologies and materials available to them and ultimately you, their customer. They know that improving your die will reduce their sales to your company. Our premium steel rule dies will last 400 - 600% longer than conventional dies, depending on your machinery, plastic film and gauge - and that’s with today’s technology. We're already developing the next generation that will outlast even our best dies!

Our business philosophy has been successful for us because it has been very successful for our customers. We want our steel rule dies to outperform your existing supplier and reduce your annual costs. How else can we get and keep your business?

Due to our diversified machinery and product line, we are also capable of manufacturing many other die related products such as:

Steel Rule Die Bases Made From: Steel, Aluminium or, Composite Plastic, made to fit your specific die and machinery

Punches: round, oval or, slotted - any diameter, wall thickness, height and bevel(s)

Perforator Knives: - any length and configuration, tooth depth and bevel(s)

Grippers: for bag making machines

Dies requiring Welding and Braising


IBC “Premium” steel rule dies will lower your annual costs. Fixed cost service contracts are available to high volume “T” shirt bag manufacturers.


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