IBC Packaging Knives and Toothed Knives

We made our first packaging knife in 1997 for the largest food company in the world. It was a 20" long straight edge scissor knife set that was used for packaging chocolates. Since then we have developed the capability to manufacture a wide variety of Toothed Blades in addition to straight edge scissor knives.

We can manufacture any custom or OEM design toothed knife up to 60" long with any pitch, TPI and bevel angle. Imagine replacing your Large American or European packaging knife supplier with a local service-oriented manufacturer that provides the Exact SAME quality product, for less cost and with faster delivery to your door.

We can also assist you in new knife design. We will create the prototype packaging knives that your Engineers and Designers envision. Try calling IBC before your next purchase of packaging knives from Europe, the USA or a local importer.



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