IBC Wood Cutting Blades

As already stated in the President’s Message section, "Hand" planes equipped with blades contracted to IBC have won "Tool of the Year" awards. While there are still many of our wood tool products that have not yet been reviewed or released to the public, I am very confident the consistency in our manufacturing process will ensure that more awards for tools with blades contracted to IBC will be won repeatedly.

IBC wood cutting blades adhere to the highest standards in wood tool manufacturing established by industry experts. Most of our wood tool blade products are made with AISI A-2 Tool Steel hardened to Rc 60 62 and are thicker @ 1/8" 3/16". We also offer an AISI 0-1 grade High Carbon Tool Steel. This is an improvement from the more common lower grade thinner high carbon steel still used by most manufactures. The A-2 however, is so superior that in some cases we have provided our customers with a material upgrade to A 2 at no additional cost to them. Our customers appreciate the extra distance we go to build and maintain long term loyalty and we appreciate the repeat orders.

Every product we manufacture is a custom blade made specifically for our customer. We are often involved with Engineers and Industrial Designers to assist in developing new or modified parts. This level of involvement is critical in developing the long term partnerships we have become accustomed to and wish to build more of.


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